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Bega Valley Data Collective Incorporated

Our community will grow and flourish if we can realise our collective dreams, aspirations and initiatives.

The Bega Valley Data Collective is a new not-for-profit community association, our mission is to build a Data Space to place advanced data research along with powerful story telling capabilities into the hands of our community to help make those dreams, aspirations and initiatives come to life.

Our aim is to build an Australian first community owned and run Data Space – here in the Bega Valley.

The Data Space will include a comprehensive library of data insights, resources of a data analyst and a communications expert along with access to an advanced data technology platform.

The Data Space will help build our capacity to tell compelling stories backed by refined evidence-based data.

Having this capacity will assist in securing support and funding for local initiatives and projects that have a positive impact on the social and economic wellbeing on the people residing in the Bega Valley

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October Networking Event @ UOW Bega Campus

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