Economic Development Gains Momentum

Members of the Chamber Economic Development Committee met with BVSC on October 30 2020.


Chamber: Matt Sierp, John Stylianou, John Watkin

Council: Russell Fitzpatrick (Mayor), Leanne Barnes (General Manager), Chris Horsburgh (Project Lead RRR)

Some of the issues the Chamber wanted to discuss with Council included:

Indoor Sports Stadium

The Chamber discussed issues raised by the public and user groups around its size, suitability, funds needed etc. Council received a grant for $8.5 million.
At this stage Council have put out to tender for companies to design and construct.

Industrial Land

The Chamber strongly believe Bega’s development is being stifled by the lack of available Industrial land. We presented a number of cases where businesses were desperately wanted to expand and also other businesses wanting to establish themselves here.
Council agree that there is a need for industrial land.
Council indicated that they were in talks with several landowners about the possibility of creating more Industrial land.

Future Business Opportunities

There was general discussion around the possible business opportunities that the Chamber has discussed.

Equine – expanding on the current equine activities.

Education – building on existing strong education base

Renewable Energy – Expand and take advantage of current momentum

Regenerative farming(circular economy) – new and evolving rethinking of farming practices

Following the meeting it was generally agreed that we seek a meeting with Andrew Constance to discuss moving the stadium to a green field site.

Also, to make contact with landowners to discuss potential plans to sell or develop as industrial land.


Expectation that work was going to commence immediately on the Auckland Street parking area.

The Mayor further expressed that the parking area in Littleton Gardens adjacent to Dan Murphy’s will not become more green space.

Future meetings

The Economic Development team and Council have both committed to meet on a regular basis.

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