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 Short History of the Bega Group

We are the Bega Group and we are proudly Australian owned. Collectively, for more than a century we have dedicated ourselves to being leading makers and innovators of great Australian food and drink brands for all Australians to enjoy. With our heart still grounded in our home in the Bega Valley, the Bega Group is now a truly national business but with a local mindset. We act small but sure do think big and are now made up of thousands of visionary leaders and change makers from all corners of our great country.

The Power of Great

Today, as a purpose-led business the Bega Group is innovating and growing in ways that are shaping the future of the Australian food industry and making a positive impact on the world around us. With a strong focus on supporting the local Australian agriculture industry, we nurture greatness through our commitment to building enduring brands that people love. The Bega Group is committed to producing sustainable and nutritious ingredients in all our brands and supplying leading companies globally with our specialty bionutrients and customer ingredient solutions. The goodness and quality of our products helps all communities to live well at every life stage. As proud gatekeepers of iconic Australian brands like Bega, Vegemite, Dare, Dairy Farmers, Farmers Union, Zooper Dooper and many more, we take pride in knowing that our work lives in fridges and pantries across all Australian homes. From the first cup of coffee in the morning to the after-school cheese toastie or creamy yoghurt, we’ve got you covered.

Inspiring Better

At the Bega Group, we believe greatness is a vision, not an outcome. Greatness comes from following instinct and having a crack, if at first, we don’t succeed we try again. Greatness comes from caring about our people and fostering the next generation of talent. Greatness means getting stuck in and supporting our farming communities so together we can continue to make products that people love and trust. The Bega Group ‘GREATNESS PILLARS’ – Great Food, Great People, Great Aspirations and Greater Good – inspire our business to take positive action every day and collectively contribute to a better tomorrow.


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