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Bega Chamber initiates projects and activities which are driven by its objectives. We are constantly looking at ways to advance a vibrant and financially sustainable Bega business community. The projects listed below represent the advocacy and support work the chamber is involved with.


Represent the interests of the business community at local, state, and federal levels by advocating for issues of importance to economic and business development in our region.


Implement and support programs and activities that promote Bega as a regional centre for business, commerce, and economic growth.

Project list

Community Banners – 2020

Bega Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organised a Community Banner Competition. The aim of the activity was to provide an opportunity for smaller communities around Bega to come together in a positive way and have a fun time around identifying all the good things about their community. Bega Chamber provided the materials for the banners, funds for the community and prize money from a grant provided by COORDINAIRE and the Primary Health Network. 

The Chamber is proud of the end results, the communities of Quaama, Cobargo, Bemboka, Candelo and Tathra have created wonderful banners that were displayed at the Sapphire Market Place in Bega. All the banners were exceptional and a winner could not be determined by the judges, a tie was declared and Bega Chamber split the prize money equally between all the communities. Everyone had a great time at the celebration dinner at the Peanut Eatery after the judging.

You can view images of the Community Valley in our Gallery here –

Bega Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with COORDINARE – South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network are supporting local communities in recovery through the NSW Government Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience fund.

Strategic Planning – 2021

Bega Chamber has initiated a project that involved community consultation with the aim to create a strategic plan for Bega. The plan has been developed with local consulting firm NGH and it has been titled the Trig Report.

The Report was developed through Ideas Summits held in Bega in mid-2021 and refined through follow up discussions later in the year. It aims to share a collective vision for Bega and a set of short, medium and long term actions and opportunities to achieve this. It is specifically focused on the Bega township, but it aims to provide benefits to the Bega Valley Shire.

The Report includes consideration and analysis of the key challenges facing Bega, and how they contribute to a case for change and a proposed set of actions. 

These challenges include: •COVID and bushfire impacts •  lack of affordable accommodation •  low industrial and commercial land supply •  health and wellbeing coverage •  lack of transport choices and connectivity issues •  lack of social and community infrastructure •  loss of talent and youth •  the need for a more vibrant and intuitive town centre.

Through considering the challenges and opportunities to address them, a set of future priorities was established.

You can download the full report here – TRIG REPORT PDF Version

McKee Precinct Redevelopment – 2023

Bega Chamber has started work on a business case to repurpose and redevelop the Bega Hospital site, also known as the McKee Drive precinct.

Thanks to grant funding from the Department of Regional NSW Business Case and Strategy Fund, the Bega Chamber engaged local consulting company NGH to carry out the study which aims to identify the best use of the site for the benefit of the community.

The vision is for a community space which would include areas for community groups and shared resources. But the vision goes a lot further than simply a meeting place or community cafe as the large site has room for more buildings including town houses and student/trainee accommodation, all of which is needed.

You can download more information on the Business Case here – McKee Drive project

If the business case stacks up, the redevelopment could help transform Bega CBD, a community and business hub could offer shared facilities that could be used by all. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be looking to consult with as many stakeholders as possible. Anyone wanting to discuss the proposals can get in touch with John Watkin by email at

At the end of the day the Bega Chamber has no vested interest in the site but to make it a better place and see the best outcome for the community. We want to build a great community facility.

In the meantime the pressure is on to get the business case completed by the September deadline.

Welcome Experience – 2023

The Department of Regional NSW through their Essential Worker Attraction Program are conducting a trial called the Welcome Experience. The Bega Chamber of Commerce were successful in tendering to deliver the programme across the Bega Valley.

You can view a short YouTube on the Welcome Experience here –
The program is a pilot that will run for 12 months, it will then be reviewed and funding is available for it to be extended. Once we deliver results through the pilot stage and the following extended program we will, along with Regional NSW develop great strategies for the expansion of the service so that it can potentially be rolled out to the private sector as well.

We have appointed a local connector Rachel Paterson who will work with the program and will be the main point of contact, Rachel can be contacted by email One of the greatest areas of need is in the health sector. Bega is the home of the fairly new Southeast Regional Hospital which has, to this point never operated to its full capacity and one of the reasons is the staff shortages. These shortages spread across all areas from Specialist Doctors through to admin staff. The Welcome experience has huge potential to help alleviate these shortages.

You can download the Bega Valley Welcome Experience flyer here – Welcome Experience Flyer BV2

For more information on the Welcome Experience contact John Watkin by email

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